CASE: "Alice"

How can I end the procrastination so I can be more effective in my business?

"I have changed career direction and started a new business. It’s harder than I thought. I’m procrastinating and at risk of not getting anything done. How can I get unstuck?"

Once this client was clear on where she is at her best and on the strengths and values that were her drivers, there was real clarity on her business. She reconnected with her purpose and could see where she was at her peak and what she could immerse herself in to feel more energised and driven. There was greater clarity on the areas she didn’t want to spend time on and on why she shouldn’t; these areas were draining and demotivating her.

We identified the different aspects andstages of the project work she could dive into to be most effective and engaged in, and the stages best left for a support crew to fill the gaps.