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Why I created Elevate Me

Hi, I’m Nada Matijevic. I’m a Career Development and Transition Consultant and the founder of Elevate Me.

I support women in leadership, senior career, professional and business women to step up into their peak potential and take control of creating more thriving lives and careers.
Because women face additional career challenges that men often don’t. The traditional male success models don’t meet our needs, threaten our career health and wellbeing, and don’t help us to create a personally rewarding, meaningful and fulfilling life.

When I talk about career health and the career challenges women face, I do so because I’ve been there. I’ve felt those feelings too. I’ve spent more than 30 years studying them. And then I went about seeking answers and finding solutions, to make my own way out of the maze and to help other women do so too.

I’ve gathered some of the most effective and well-researched psychological, personality and career profiling tools in the world and combine them with my insights and experience for a powerful coaching experience. I combine my naturally creative right brain signature strengths with my left-brain analytical skills.

I see things from a new perspective, see potential and possibilities and apply the strategic thinking of a career in finance, management and leadership to provide personally tailored solutions to help senior career women build their own career/life blueprints for a more thriving life.

I created ElevateMe because:

• I saw how the traditional career success models don’t allow women to thrive because they leave out the human factor. Career health and wellbeing, and unique personal needs, values wants and drivers are often overlooked.

• I realised these models don’t allow us to be ourselves, or to shine at our authentic best. That it was why so many of us are not happy with our work and why so few of us are thriving. We end up feeling stuck and trapped in roles, environments and organisations and even careers that don’t work for us.

• I saw how women lose career ground, often after stepping back in their career and trading full-time work for family-friendly flexibility. And then find it hard to regain their peak performance and career ground due to eroded self-confidence, limiting beliefs and perceptions. And through finding themselves defined by the roles they have played in the past.

• And I saw how many women end up disconnected from who they are, feeling stuck and unhappy, despite achieving a limited version of success. Because their self-identity has become so entangled in their roles and responsibilities that they no longer knew what it is they needed and wanted

I’ve faced those same career challenges and achieved my own successes in professional services, business and corporate environments before starting my own business. Making the decision to leave a well-established career wasn’t easy.

There were the highs of achieving my career goals and getting those external rewards. I loved to test my capability in new areas and to stretch myself and grow, and I loved the people development and team building aspects.

And there were the lows of realising that despite achieving my goals, I wasn’t entirely happy and had neglected my own wellbeing. In chasing other people’s goals I had lost sight of what was really important to me. And I realised that I was living with stress, anxiety and poor sleep because my work was not aligned with my values. The goals my role had me chasing weren’t personally meaningful and fulfilling, and I didn’t want to be the type of person I was pressured into becoming.

Those experiences helped shape my direction, because I realised that I value people above numbers. Now that was a big light-bulb moment for someone who originally chose a numbers-driven career path. That was another lesson about the importance of good career alignment and developing into areas that inspire and energise, rather than going against the grain into areas that drain us. It’s possible to achieve career success with both, but it’s often harder and comes at a higher price to go against the grain of who we are.

That was a big reason for doing what I’m doing now. I wanted to create a way for other career and business women to avoid and escape this trap of dysfunctional living. To help them see a better way and equip them to take control of stepping into their peak performance so they can elevate themselves in their work and career and create the life they want. So they develop a strong sense of their self-identity and not lose themselves in their roles and responsibilities.

I wanted to show other women that they can be true to themselves. And to create their own goals and walk their own path to a thriving life.