Testimonial 1

Kistin Gunnis

Director, Business In Heels, Melbourne CBD. Founder, Professional Women's Lunches

"Working with Nada created a space for me to step back from life’s busyness and gave me the tools to reassess, to celebrate the achievements and refocus on the big picture and the next step of my professional journey.

Working with Nada has continued to help me know myself better and also know others. As my business is relationship driven, it will continue to help me understand personality types better and to help others feel more comfortable.

Nada is empathetic and has both corporate and smaller business experience. Having experienced the diverse dynamics of both, Nada is able to understand her clients’ experience and apply this in her coaching to help her clients. Nada’s values come through and she creates a supportive environment to set people at ease so they can feel comfortable in opening up in order to achieve breakthroughs."

Testimonial 2

Louise Armstrong

Director, Dore Holdings Pty Ltd, Benalla Health Board Quality and Safety Sub-committee, Chairperson

"Even though I had done the MBTI profiling a few years ago, it was good to revisit my personality type and to reconnect with my strengths and preferences after changed employment conditions and in order to reclaim some balance in my life. It gave me the opportunity to draw breath and to analyse and reassess my direction and to decide what I really want to be doing.

Having Nada’s skills and expertise in helping me to work through my thought process and asking leading questions was really valuable."

Testimonial 3

Melissa Say

Exploration Geologist

“Nada was a great support during the first few weeks of my redundancy. It was a great opportunity to think about what I wanted to do next and to have that support during that time. It was great to get positive reinforcement when setting new goals and the encouragement to go for what I really want rather than letting the negative thoughts cloud my ideas and ambitions. The personal discovery has allowed me to think beyond my current position and has given me some insights into what I could do going forward.”


Testimonial 4

J Melvin

Warehouse Team Leader/Engineer

“As a young engineer transitioning from a technical to a leadership role, I found myself facing a new set of challenges … and having to apply a range of soft skills not crucial to my previous roles. Through our one-on-one leadership coaching sessions Nada Matijevic helped me build a stronger self and social awareness, building action plans for managing up, down, and sideways.

My initial hesitation in taking this program was the uncertainty of outcomes. This concern was soon overcome, now I've been able to build stronger more productive relationships professionally. As a team we're making better use of everyone's strengths, and as a result we've seen a notable improvement in our operational efficiency."