CASE: "Maggie"

What do I do next? I don’t want to make the wrong-fit choice again

“I want to find direction so I can plan a career path for the next decade, but my last role was a really bad experience. It caused me a lot of stress and I felt stuck and unhappy. I don’t want to end up in the same situation by making the wrong-fit choice again. How can I be sure about what to do next?”

We worked to uncover the following:

  • Understanding of the key issues that caused the feeling of being stressed, stuck and unhappy.
  • Clarity on what was personally important and the type of work that was particularly meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Clarity on the must-haves and non-negotiables and the negotiable trade-offs.
  • Identification of the type of culture and values to look for from an employer in order to be working in alignment with personal values.
  • Identification of a personally rewarding career path and the types of employers and sectors that were aligned.
  • This provided clarity and direction and a path to focus on for the long-run.