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Whatever your career stage; as senior professional, aspiring or new manager or a senior leader seeking something more. You want to be at your best.

But how can you be at your peak when something’s missing, or when you’re feeling stuck and can’t see a way out?

It’s not easy to take those first steps to ask for help when it comes to sharing personal career challenges.

It’s even harder to know who to trust when you’re in a senior position or leadership role.


I’ve been there. Family and friends may not understand. It’s awkward and potentially career-limiting disclosing vulnerabilities to managers, colleagues and subordinates.

And sharing such personal feelings in a group setting is downright uncomfortable.

I’m here to support you in resolving your career challenge and to help you shine!

That’s why I offer a personalised 1:1 coaching program. You can rest assured that you’ll be in a safe and supportive environment to share your very personal story.


Still feeling hesitant and don’t know where to start?

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Start here. Before we can move you from where you are to where you want to be, you need to understand what’s going on.

Take this online, self-assessed Career Health Diagnostic quiz to find out how you score in the 5 key areas of your career and then you can decide what you want to do about it.


This is my signature program and the main way I work with people.

This personalised program works to uncover your unique genius so that together we can move you from where you are right now to where you want to be.

We’ll discover what you need in order to thrive, realign your life with your values and passion and transform your future so you can be the best version of yourself you can be.

You are unique and your coaching experience will be unique to you. It’s not a one-size-fits-all program, but a personally tailored, high-touch experience.

I carefully choose the right tools and guide you down the pathway that will help get you where you need to go. Working in this way allows you to be vulnerable so that we can create change for you.

This is why I choose to work with individuals without the influence of your organisation. In this way, I’m not compromised by towing the company line and we focus on what you need as an individual in order to thrive.

My program is built on a combination of the most effective and well researched psychological, personality and career profiling tools in the world and my own quest for evolving and personal experience of having walked the path to finding my unique genius and becoming my best self.


The Designed to Thrive 1:1 Coaching Program consists of 3 Modules. Each one designed to support you through the stages of your journey to creating a thriving life.



Final EM Stage - Elevate.jpg

The Elevate Program for career development, planning career direction and career change and transition.

Improve your self-awareness and awareness of others. Develop your people and leadership skills, improve communication and influence.

Whether you’re an aspiring or new manager or an established leader, this will help you to fine-tune your leadership insights and skills to be a more effective communicator and leader when it comes to dealing with people and personality differences.

Discover what you can do in order to be at your best. So you can function at your peak, and get more meaning and fulfillment and be happier at work.

Get clear and confident about your personal brand and the value you bring.

Gain the insights about your strengths and transferable skills and see a new perspective, so you can be more certain and adaptable in times of change.

Make a start and get future-ready now so you’re prepared to redefine and reinvent yourself, to promote your full capabilities and seize more opportunities.

Build your employability skills, set meaningful goals, create a strategic plan for the future and get supported as you execute it.



Final EM Stage - Flourish.jpg

You don’t want to get trapped chasing a version of career success which undermines your health and wellbeing and leads to burn-out!

The Flourish Program is for you if you want to be proactive and strategic about maintaining focus on your wellbeing while growing your career and implementing your Elevate Career Plan.

It is also for you if you if you have lost sight of your wellbeing on the way to the top. You want to make some adjustments to escape the path to burn-out and an unbalanced career-life which leaves you little time for joy.

This personally-tailored program focuses on creating your own PERMAH Positive Psychology wellbeing management system.

A wellbeing maintenance plan and strategies to support you during the peak stepping-up period of elevating your career.



Final EM Stage - Thrive.jpg

The Thriving Life Program is for you if you have achieved your career and success goals and find yourself wanting more out of life.

If you’re feeling dissatisfied and unhappy despite reaching the top, you might be at a stage where you’re looking for other ways of bringing meaning, fulfillment and significance into your life.

The program typically supports a late career transition stage. But it’s also a brilliant way of proactively taking control of charting your whole-of-life journey out of the mid-career slump and beyond.

Your career or vocation is part of your whole of life ecosystem.

Perhaps you have focused so much energy on your career that the rest of your life is out of balance. You’re ready to reassess your needs and priorities and to bring quality of life back into the picture.

You’re looking for something bigger and more significant out of life. Because you have changed, you have grown. You’re no longer the same person. Your needs have changed, and your focus needs to change.

The Thrive Program helps you reassess your quality of life and it’s components, and define what’s most important to you.

You will be guided to define the experiences, growth and contribution that will provide the balance, meet your needs and make for an extraordinary life of your own design.

You will create a Blueprint, accountability system and strategies to enable you to shape the life you really want to live and can thrive in.

Gain the clarity, vision and system to create the future of your own design and making. Where you define and create your thriving life.