Driven to Evolve. Designed to Thrive.

You deserve to thrive in your career and life

Are you tired of working with consultants and coaches who are just towing the company line? Are you tired of coaches who only focus on chasing goals based around the traditional markers of success?

That’s not the way I work. I work on helping you set meaningful goals in a way that will allow you to be true to yourself.

This is all part of your growth as an evolutionary leader: creating your own goals and walking your own path to thrive.



Improve your career with your free Career Health Diagnostic.


If you want to improve your career health, first you need to identify what’s not working and where you might not be functioning at your peak. This is where my Free Career Health Diagnostic can help. So go ahead, take the Career Diagnostic to find out how you score.

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Where are you right now in your career?

  • Are you operating at your peak performance at work and loving what you do?

  • Can you honestly say you’re happy, fulfilled and thriving?

If your answer isn’t a resounding YES, your work isn’t as energising, meaningful and personally rewarding as it could be.

You might even be feeling stuck and jaded, or worse, and in a job you no longer love.

Would you like to find that spark, energy and joy again, that used to drive you to achieve your dreams?

Do you want to regain that confidence to redefine yourself, elevate your career and create a life you love and can thrive in?

I can help you if:

  • You know that something’s missing and you’re not entirely happy with your work

  • You want to know whether you’re in the right role, or even the right career

    You’re ready to regain career ground after the stepping back family-raising years

  • You want to transition from technical to leadership, in a way that’s authentic, fulfilling and impactful

  • Self-doubt, uncertainty and limited perceptions are holding you back.

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It’s Time For Change

It’s time for change. It’s time for a new kind of leader to emerge.

Elevate Me was founded to help evolutionary leaders build the skills they need to thrive in both career and life. This means they can live on purpose and make their unique impact in the world.


Take Action

Yes, there is more to YOU. There is more to LIFE and you deserve MORE! And Yes, I can help you FIND it. Ready to find out HOW?