How do you re-ignite your inner fire? Surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you

I've always had a creative element and have been drawn to and inspired by the beauty and miracles of nature.

This probably explains why I love to be surrounded by the elements of water and lush greenery, and also why I love gardening. It indulges my artistic, creative and nurturing side.

That creative element and appreciation of beauty and excellence gives me the deep curiosity for what's possible when it comes to developing people's potential and creating positive change.

I’m fascinated by human nature and human potential. So I spend a lot of time exploring different themes of human development, in different ways - just because that’s what lights me up personally. And it enhances my fulfillment to be able to then apply this professionally.

And I love to travel! I try my best to capture on camera the essence and memory of the things that stir me. I’m drawn to experience different countries, cultures and scenery because I like to find fresh new perspectives and see new possibilities.

I'm also a strong believer in collaboration and co-creation. To be able to surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you is an amazing experience. The buzz you get when you're in a room of like-minded individuals, sharing inspiring ideas and experiences is electric. Not the homogenous, maintain the status quo kind, but the kind that share similar dreams and visions of what's possible.

I've had some amazing experiences like this, and have traveled the world in search of them and to connect with people who share that same drive and passion. It's what has reignited my inner fire and given me the drive to leave my corporate career and create my own path.

It explains why I’m constantly signing up for new courses and experiences. It's what lights me up and keeps my inner fire burning.

The above photo is from A-Fest Mykonos, the theme was Biohacking Body & Brain. The speakers were amazing, and the experience was mind-expanding. Just one of many on my own path of self-actualisation.

I’ve just completed a 6 week Lifebook Course and am about to start the Lifebook Mastery. Because I believe that true success in life includes alignment and fulfilment in all the areas of my life, as well as yours. And, because I found out for myself what chasing a dysfunctional version of success can do to our quality of life when it comes at the cost of our wellbeing and the things that really matter.

So you could say that I’m currently indulging my passion by writing my own book for the life I choose to consciously create for myself. Well, I've actually started that book about four years ago when I decided to rewrite the life story that was causing me to be unhappy. It's now a matter of enhancing and creating new chapters in my life and keeping it alive.

I'm sharing this to show you how I practice in life what I "preach" in my career development and transition field. You name the career challenge and I've probably been there and overcome it. I truly believe people deserve to have thriving lives and careers - but you need to take action to make it happen.

Contact me to arrange a discovery call discussion to explore how you can reignite your inner fire and drive.