Dreading going back to a job you don't love? Do these 3 things now



Before you can get to where you want to be, you first need to know where you are.

If you’re dreading the thought of going back to a job you don’t love, you don’t have to put up with feeling stuck and unhappy. You can do something about it now to help you make a fresh start.

Don’t make hasty decisions you might regret later. Instead, take the time to work out what’s really going on. So you understand how to fix the underlying issues. And to appreciate the things that are working really well for you.

Is this what you currently think about your work?

  • I'm feeling stuck and unhappy and I don’t know why
  • I know there’s more to me but I haven’t been able to demonstrate it
  • I’m feeling unseen and unappreciated
  • Why am I not achieving my peak career performance?
  • Opportunities are slipping past, I’m missing out and dreading being left behind
  • There is something else I really want to go for, but I wonder if I’m good enough

You might be wondering whether it’s you, your role, your organisation or industry that needs changing in order for you to enjoy work again. You may even be considering a career change to fix it.

Don’t be too hasty to jump ship into the next available job opening. If you don’t understand the real problem and what you need to fix it, you might find yourself in the same stuck and unhappy situation again.

Use my 3 Step Process to make better-informed decisions. You can improve your career health when you understand what is and isn’t working, and why.

Here’s my simplified 3 Step Process for this

1. First, work out what impact your work situation is really having on you.

  • How is it affecting you on different levels, including things like your performance, health and wellbeing? And what is it really costing you?

2. Break down the concept of work into segments and identify what is and isn’t working in each

  • Often “work” gets all the blame when we're unhappy. That’s taking the easy way out! You really need to dig deeper. Break it down to better-assess the different aspects of work.

  • Identify what’s working well. When deciding your next move, you don’t want to throw out the good with the bad. If it’s working well, you want to look for more of it.

  • Isolate the problem-areas. Try to understand why they’re causing you grief. Sometimes it’s not so obvious at first. That’s why you need to take step 3.

3.Take time to reassess the situation before you decide what you want to do next.

  • How does your career situation look when you take a more objective view?

  • What do you want to achieve?

  • What will you focus on to make the most impact to your career health?

  • Where will you start?

Do this to avoid making rash moves you might regret later. And to help remove some of the second-guessing that might be keeping you stuck. It can give you more clarity and direction to help guide your decision-making.

You might just find that the problem is not so overwhelming.

The solution could be as simple as taking a few steps to enhance aspects of your current role. It could take the pressure off rushing your next career move. And buy you time to further define your ideal role, work culture and environment. To address any gaps so that you can properly plan your next career move and find your best-fit opportunity.

You might need to work out how to redefine yourself. So you're seen for your capabilities, and can create opportunities where you are, or transition into something new.

Finding it hard to get started on this? Not to worry, I’ve created a free online self-assessed Career Health Diagnostic Quiz

Take the Free Online Career Health Diagnostic to help you get started

It will provide the structure to guide your thinking in the 5 key areas of your career health. To get clearer on what is and isn’t working for you in your work and career.

You can use it to assess:

  • The impact work is having on you
  • Some possible issues
  • What might be stopping you
  • Where you’re operating right now in relation to your peak performance
  • Your skills, gaps and opportunities for further development

The quiz will help you navigate and assess your career health landscape. So you can evaluate and score these areas and determine your overall career health.

And develop a better understanding of where you are and what you can focus on to get to where you want to be. You've got nothing to lose, and greater insight to gain.


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